Public hearings on UFU in Yekaterinburg

4 March 2011 (09:28)

The construction of Ural Federal University will begin in Yekaterinburg in 2012, the city council’s press service reports.

‘All our efforts are now focused around making sure we get the land allotments registered on which to put up Ural Federal University and a technological park. These are mainly the allotments within the forestry funds, with some of them belonging to the municipality and some of them belonging to Sverdlovsk Region – that’s a section of Shartash forest. However, most of the allotments are owned by the state, that is, 274 hectares of land,’ says the head of the City Council Chief City Planning Administration Mikhail Vyatkin.

‘Our main challenge at the moment is to convert the lands from the federal forestry status to the city boundaries one. To do this, permission from Rosselkhoz (the state forestry watchdog) is needed. It is only the permission has been obtained that we can start drafting the project and design documentation. The construction process per se will probably start in 2012,’ Vyatkin added.

Now some public hearings will be held on March 25, 2011 regarding the planning and outlay of the lands provided for the UFU campus and Universitetsky technological park. If the public hearings participants approve of the plans, head of Yekaterinburg city council Alexander Yakob will sign a decree that will officially approve of the project.

The first buildings that will come to constitute the campus and the park will occupy about 378 hectares – it will probably take until 2025 to complete them. The campus and the park will stretch from Shartash mines to the tract leading to Novo-Sverdlovskaya heating power station, then down Yekaterinburg orbital motorway in the south and back westwards along the lines of the engineering infrastructure. The area is supposed to host ten educational facilities pertaining to the university, Universitetsky high tech park, and a residential area (about 300,000 sq m, half of which will be students’ dorms, while the other half is meant for faculty and auxiliary personnel). The area will also get clinics, kindergartens, sports facilities, movie theaters, shops, conference halls, a hotel, and a large library and information center.

In addition, a new two-level road leading to Novo-Sverdlovskaya heating power station will also be built, as well as a high speed tram link or an underground one.

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