28 February 2007 (15:30) Sverdlovsk Region’s industrial growth in January 2007 is three times bigger than the Russian average, says Governor Eduard Rossel

28 February 2007 (15:28) Sverdlovsk Region families receive first maternal money certificates

28 February 2007 (15:26) German Consulate-General starts accepting Schengen visa applications

28 February 2007 (15:24) Petition for change in preventive punishment for Pavel Fedulyev dismissed

28 February 2007 (15:22) Serov Ferrous Alloys Plant refuses to use new electricity supplier, reports SverdlovEnergoSbyt

28 February 2007 (15:20) Russian Standard Bank to undergo civil suit, reports Sverdlovsk Region division of Rospotrebnadzor

28 February 2007 (15:18) Rosselkhoznadzor might ban rice import from India in May 2007

28 February 2007 (15:16) Ural Airlines introduces Lent-time meals

28 February 2007 (15:14) Ill-reputed Noviy Grad might try to attract investments through partners, says Konstantin Bruner of Affordable Housing NGO

28 February 2007 (15:12) Known as ‘people’s IPO’, Sberbank’s IPO is actually targeted at large-scale stakeholders wishing to retain or build up their share, says Vsevolod Chaschin of Blagodat Securities Investment Company

27 February 2007 (15:00) Aviacon Zitotrans’s IL 76 performs crash landing in Koltsovo airport due engine failure

27 February 2007 (14:58) Six food enterprises close down in Yekaterinburg in 2006

27 February 2007 (14:56) Underdevelopment of small business in agriculture is our mistake, says Sverdlovsk Region Government

27 February 2007 (14:54) We shall inspect Metro Cash and Carry as soon as we are ordered, reports Federal Antimonopoly Service

27 February 2007 (14:52) Ural Airlines advertises tickets to Israel that are 70% cheaper

27 February 2007 (14:50) Volume of loans given by UralFinPromBank to nongovernmental profit-making organizations for 31 to 90 days goes down 12% in October-December 2006, reports Central Bank of Russia

27 February 2007 (14:48) Federal Insurance Surveillance Agency annuls license of Yekaterinburg-based Farn

27 February 2007 (14:46) Students of Ural State Architectural Academy awarded for winning in competition for best architectural design of Academic construction area of Yekaterinburg

27 February 2007 (14:44) Six experimental fuel assemblies made for BN-600 power generating unit of Beloyarskaya nuclear power station

27 February 2007 (14:42) Evraz Group gets European Commission’s permission to control Highveld Steel and Vanadium Corporation Limited

26 February 2007 (15:30) Natural person loan portfolio of Ural Bank of Sberbank of Russia amounts to over 54.1 billion RUR in 2006

26 February 2007 (15:28) SKB-Bank sums up results of commercial banks’ client preference survey

26 February 2007 (15:26) Basic rental fee for municipal property in Yekaterinburg to go up 20% on April 1, 2007

26 February 2007 (15:24) City council to lay damages occasioned by bridge failure in Yekaterinburg at UralHyproTrans

26 February 2007 (15:22) Sverdlovsk Region enterprises emit 1,229,664 tons of pollutants in 2006

26 February 2007 (15:20) We are considering filing administrative suit against Russian Standard Bank, says Rospotrebnadzor

26 February 2007 (15:18) Russian Federation Supreme Court of Arbitration rejects appeal of Home Credit and Finance Bank Ltd. for the third time, reports Rospotrebnadzor

26 February 2007 (15:16) UralTransBank is Sverdlovsk Region’s only large bank with decreasing loan portfolio, claims rating by Severnaya Kazna

26 February 2007 (15:14) 70.8% of industrial accidents in Ural Federal District caused by poor management

26 February 2007 (15:12) We are worried about possible social outcomes of dispute at Nizhnetagilskiy Metalware Plant, says Alexander Soloviev of Nizhniy Tagil city administration