UFU to get campus in Shartash

10 June 2010 (09:43)

Ural Federal University’s Supervisory Board has been considering the idea of setting up the university’s campus in Shartash, along Vysotskiy St. in Yekaterinburg.

According to the existing project, a ‘student forum’ is going to become the centerpiece of the place. It will be surrounded by eight buildings: a hotel, a library/information center, and a number of departments or research and education centers under the general names: Construction, New Materials & Materials Sciences, and Economics & Management.

The central set will be continued in a line of five-storey student dormitories (each meant for three hundred students), some sport facilities, and two parking lots.

The left-hand part of the campus is to become the ‘brain block’ and a home for the higher school of engineering, the school of business, a few science and education centers, a public center, the university hospital, two blocks of five-storey dormitories, a stadium, and a park.

As for the right-hand part of the campus, it will host the student dormitories, a techno-park, some science and education centers, a stadium, some parking lots, and a housing block for the university’s lecturers and researchers.

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