UFU campus to get started in three years

27 July 2010 (08:56)

The construction of Ural Federal University’s campus on the shores of Lake Shartash will not begin any time before 2013, the university’s Rector Viktor Koksharov announced at a press conference in Yekaterinburg.

The projected campus is to consist of buildings that will house the schools, the student dormitories, a hospital, a library, and an information center as well as some sports facilities.

‘The federal programs do not cover the construction expenses at the moment. This is true not only of our university, this is a general situation for all colleges,’ Koksharov said today.

The shores of the Shartash are also expected to become a home for a hi tech technological park; over 1 billion RUR is to be directed to this project from both the federal and Sverdlovsk Region’s budgets, so the construction of the park could begin earlier than that of the UFU campus.

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