UFU Rector: Federal Funding Needed to Start Building around Lake Shartash

15 June 2012 (10:44)

‘The land allotment for the construction of Ural Federal University’s first science & education center with the area of 200 hectares has been registered and handed over to the university as its asset. Now it is the matter of financing the infrastructure development that is at stake. We also need to make sure we get federal funding to acquire more land,’ Rector of B.N. Yeltsin Ural Federal University Viktor Koksharov announced at a recent press conference.

Now the territorial division of the Federal Public Property Management Agency in Sverdlovsk Region announced it might provide Ural Federal University with approximately 2,304,897 sq m worth of land allotments for putting up buildings and structures and with a 512,383-square-meter allotment for Universitetsky technological park in Vladimir Vysotsky St. and Yekaterinburg Orbital Highway.

This comes to nearly 282 hectares altogether.

The construction project was approved at the public hearings in late March 2011.

The first portion of the buildings will cover 378 hectares by 2025. This will include ten science & education centers and a technological park as well as faculty and maintenance personnel’s living quarters (300,000 sq m). The plan also provides for a number of medical clinics, kindergartens, sports facilities, movie theaters, stores, multi-purpose conference halls, a hotel, and a large information center/library.

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