We offer European-level urban security, Stanislav Pridvizhkin says

25 June 2008 (08:28)

Academic construction project managers have decided on how to securely protect the future district’s dwellers as well as their apartments and property. These projects have been coordinated with the state, municipal, and regional authorities and they are to be implemented by Sverdlovsk Region’s division of Sova Rescue Service.

‘We chose Sova because RENOVA StroyGroup only employs the best professionals for Russia’s largest and most unique construction project,’ RENOVA’s press officer reports.

According to the management’s decision, every building’s entrances will be fitted with video door phones, and all the elevators as well as lofts and basements will be fitted with video cameras. In addition, video monitoring will be provided for the district’s streets, parks, and parking lots. The videos will be broadcast to the single dispatching station that will operate 24/7. Sova’s divisions will be provided with the necessary offices and facilities right in Yekaterinburg’s future district, so they will be able to react very quickly in an emergency. Then, the district will provide all the facilities for militia’s work.

The beauty of this security program is that the cost of maintaining it is much lower than the city’s average.

‘This is a breakthrough in public security provision. We really care about putting up dwellings and making them totally secure. This is a very important factor for the region’s future dwellers. In addition, every apartment’s proprietor can have an alarm system installed, as all the apartments will be fitted with the necessary infrastructure for this option,’ says Academic construction project manager Stanislav Pridvizhkin.

‘As a matter of fact, we offer the European-level urban security. We are aware of the costs and bear them ourselves, without making the potential customers pay. As a result, our economy class dwellings will be provided with business class service and this is one of the things that make our project unique,’ he notes.

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