Yekaterinburg’s future Academic district becomes a reality, Deputy Mayor says

23 June 2008 (08:16)

‘We used to think of the Academic construction project as a future ambition, but it is now becoming a part of our present,’ says Yekaterinburg’s Deputy Mayor for Capital Construction and Land Use Vladimir Kritskiy.

RENOVA-StroyGroup’s top executives and Vladimir Kritskiy recently met to discuss the city’s future district. Project manager Stanislav Pridvizhkin assured the officials that everything was being done in accordance with the schedule.

‘To make sure all the schedules can be adhered to, we need to handle the issues related to engineering infrastructure and road construction first of all,’ Kritskiy said.

RENOVA is working on the first apartment buildings of block 2.3 at the moment. This block is going to become Academic district’s first living quarters and part of residential district 2 that is to be commissioned in several portions.

Apart from putting up dwellings, the developer is focused on creating the engineering and transport infrastructure as well as on setting up electricity and heat supply systems. The street connecting Serafima Deryabina St. to the first block of the new district will have been finished by the fall of 2008. By the time the dwellings get commissioned, public transport will already be fully available there.

In addition, the builder has already put up an 8.3-kilometer water main from the nearest filtering plant; the main is now subject to hydraulic tests and will be launched as soon as this year. Electricity will be provided through Petrischevskaya substation (to be launched in the fall of 2008). The sewerage system is under development as well.

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