Renova-StroyGroup-Akademicheskoye presents 45th Quarter in Yekaterinburg

14 July 2008 (09:37)

Renova-StroyGroup-Akademicheskoye took part in an exhibition devoted to low-rise construction in Sverdlovsk Region with its housing complex project known as the 45th Quarter. This future complex will be located in the south-east of Yekaterinburg, next to the city’s future Academic district. The main idea behind the project is to combine the advantages of suburban low-rise housing with the amenities of a big city with its social and transport infrastructure.

A group of government officials (Head of Sverdlovsk Region Government Viktor Koksharov, deputy head of the State Duma’s Budget and Taxation Committee A. Kogan, and regional Minister for Construction Alexander Karlov) who attended the exhibition spoke very highly of the project, deeming it the best among all the presented stands.

A. Kogan commented on the great layout schemes that provided for the balance of private housing and public areas.

‘Everything fits perfectly: no huge avenues but plenty of separate quarters that create a sense of comfort and security,’ he said.

Renova-StroyGroup-Akademicheskoye’s GD Stanislav Pridvizhkin reports the two-stage project is to be completed by 2013.

‘The engineering work will begin next winter, while the construction of the cases will start six months later,’ he notes.

By the time the housing complex has been finished, a trolley bus route connecting the quarter to the rest of the city will be introduced. Besides, the district is located next to Yekaterinburg’s major highways; what is more, the dwellers of the 45th Quarter will be able to use a high-speed tram link that will connect the center of Academic district nearby to the center of Yekaterinburg.

The developer’s housing project provides for a kindergarten, a grocery store, a fitness center, and everything else needed for a comfortable life. At the same time, the future complex’s main competitive advantage lies in its bordering with Academic district that offers one a nice and complete urban environment.

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