Multi-faceted area development concept to be implemented from the very beginning of Academic construction project, reports project manager Stanislav Pridvizhkin

10 January 2007 (14:46)

‘We’ll only start offering apartments in Academic district at the end of 2007, yet we are already signing contracts with the stores and consumer services, so we can tell you who is going to own this or that building. This contracting process is actually progressing much faster than the construction itself,’ says the project manager Stanislav Pridvizhkin.

‘This means we’ll be able to avoid the awkwardness of having the dwellings without the infrastructure; this is the point I’d like to emphasize. This is the very idea of the multi-faceted area development, and the would-be Academic district is an example of this. We do not merely provide a place to live, we cater for everything from the stores to the Laundromats to a technological area and a large trade center. And this multi-faceted area development concept will be implemented from the very beginning,’ Mr Pridvizhkin said.

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