We use best people for Academic project, Pridvizhkin says

17 September 2008 (09:22)

‘Our Academic construction project is primarily targeted at Yekaterinburg dwellers. We are also hoping that the city’s future district will appeal to people from some other regions, like the retired O&G industry workers and students,’ Renova-StroyGroup Akademicheskoye’s General Director Stanislav Pridvizhkin said in the course of November 4 Political Action Club’s Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk subsidiaries’ meeting.

‘Yekaterinburg’s Academic district will offer its dwellers a new quality environment. To make this happen, we use the best foreign and Russian resources and people. The whole project has been planned out very carefully on several years’ scale,’ the executive explained.

‘To make sure the multi-faceted area development projects work, both private companies and state authorities need to unite in a single development strategy and get synchronized in terms of deadlines and obligations,’ Pridvizhkin added.

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