Academic construction project meets schedule, Stanislav Pridvizhkin reports

20 March 2008 (09:06)

The Academic construction project manager Stanislav Pridvizhkin reported in the course of a monthly meeting on the local construction projects that their project met the schedule just fine.

The construction process began in October 2007. The first part of the project to be completed will be block 2.3 - a block of 1,075 apartments and underground parking lots fit for 700 cars with all the necessary engineering, housing maintenance, public services, and commercial infrastructure. Yekaterinburg’s future district was designed so as to meet the predicted 30% increase in the number of cars used by the city’s dwellers by 2025, which means the roads are wider and parking lots are more spacious. The project provides for the construction of parking areas fit for 160,000 cars altogether. The district’s first living quarter will offer the future dwellers over 120,000 square meters of real estate (including more than 80,000 square meters of housing and a kindergarten for 100 children).

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