Ural Airlines fly 92,473 people in May 2007

20 June 2007 (13:42)

Ural Airlines flew 92,473 passengers in May 2007, which is 27% better than a year earlier. These figures include 52,701 people who used the carrier’s domestic flights and 30,303 passengers who used international scheduled and chartered flights, which exceeds the figures for May 2006 by 23%. 9,469 people flew to the NIS, which exceeds the figures for a year earlier by 177%. The passenger load ratio reached 71%, the company’s press officer reports.

The carrier’s passenger turnover amounted to 225,789,000 passenger-kilometers, which is 22% better than in May 2006.

The ton-kilometer figures went up by 21%, reaching 21,583,000 ton-kilometers. This May, Ural Airlines has transferred 47,401 kilograms of mail and 487,142 kilograms of freight, which is 78% and 9% better than a year earlier, respectively.

The carrier performed 876 flights in May 2007, including 588 domestic flights (against 510 flights in May 2006), 195 international flights (against 186 flights in May 2006), and 93 flights within the NIS (against 68 flights in May 2006). Overall, the number of flights performed last month went up by 13% compared with a year earlier.

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