Ural Airlines look at their performance in January 2007

12 February 2007 (09:24)

Ural Airlines assessed their performance in January 2007. The carrier’s passenger turnover exceeded the figures for January 2006 by 23%. The company has performed 732 flights since January 1, 2007, which is 17% better than a year earlier. The number of regular international flights went up 50%, that of international chartered flights by 96%, that of domestic flights by 5.3%.

68,588 people used the carrier in January 2007, which exceeds the figures for last January by 37%. In addition, the company transferred 52% more mail and 13% more freight against January 2006. The company managed to raise their passenger load factor by 73% and their commercial load ratio by 67%, which means its services enjoy stable demand, reports the carrier’s press officer.

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