Ural Airlines looks at its success in January-June 2007

11 July 2007 (07:22)

Ural Airlines’ Finance and Planning Department came up with a report on the company’s performance in the first half of 2007. The carrier’s press officer reports their passenger turnover reached 1,208,890,000 passenger-kilometers, which exceeds the figures for a year earlier by 19%.

The airline has flown 405,500 people since the beginning of the year in the course of its 4,844 flights (compared with only 4,347 flights in the first half of 2006). These figures cover 1,106 international flights, 3,331 domestic flights, and 408 flights within the CIS. In addition, the carrier handled 2,730 tons of mail and cargo in January-June 2007. With last year’s figures coming to 2,660 tons, this year’s result is 3% better than in six months of 2006.

Ural Airlines’ passenger load reached 72% against only 69.2% in January-June 2006. The payload mass increased by 2% and amounted to 67.6%.

It appears that Ural Airlines has been flying more passengers around Russia this year: the number of domestic flights has gone up by 7% to 8% compared with the first half of 2006. After the carrier started performing flights from Chelyabinsk and introduced flexible pricing policies, Ural Airlines managed to raise its passenger load factor by 2.8% and attract 100,000 more customers than a year earlier, which resulted in a 25% increase in the passenger turnover.

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