Ural Airlines operates 56% more international flights in January-October 2008

The number of international flights operated by Ural Airlines in January-October 2008 went up by 56% compared to a year earlier, the carrier’s press officer reports.

977 flights were operated by the company in October 2008 (which was 8% better than a year earlier), including 219 international flights, 572 domestic flights, and 114 flights within the CIS. This was, respectively, 21% more, 6% less, and 10% more than in October 2007.

The carrier rendered its services to 109,926 passengers in October 2008 (which is 21% better than a year earlier) and 694 tons of cargo. The number of passengers using the carrier’s international flights grows the fastest, with 38,749 passengers using the company’s international flights in October 2008. This exceeds the figures for October 2007 by 55%. 57,147 people used domestic flights and 14,030 passengers used the flights within the CIS in October 2008. This was, respectively, 7%, and 17% more than a year earlier.

The airline’s aircraft operated 10,651 flights between January 1, 2008 and October 31, 2008, which was 13% better than a year earlier; the figures include 3,564 international flights (55% more than in January-October 2007), 6,049 domestic flights (3% less than in January-October 2007), and 942 flights within the CIS (24% more than in January-July 2007).

The carrier rendered its services to 1,285,113 passengers in January-October 2008, including 555,994 people who used the carrier’s international flights, 620,491 people who used domestic flights, and 107,628 passengers who used flights within the CIS. This was, respectively, 56% more, 1% less, and 31% more than in January-October 2007.

In addition to flying its passengers, Ural Airlines handled 4,648 tons of cargo in January-October 2008, which was 4% better than in January-October 2007.

All in all, the airline’s passenger turnover growth rates come to twice the branch’s average. The Transport Clearing Chamber reports the average figures came to 13% over the ten months of 2008, while Ural Airlines reached the passenger turnover growth of 20%.

The company’s factual passenger turnover came to 303,662,000 passenger-kilometers in October 2008 (which exceeds the figures for a year earlier by 35%) and its factual ton-kilometer turnover reached 29,222,000 ton-kilometers (which was 34% better than in October 2007). In January-October 2008, the factual passenger turnover came to 3,498,372,000 passenger-kilometers in (which exceeds the figures for a year earlier by 32%) and the factual ton-kilometer turnover reached 327,065,000 ton-kilometers (which was 31% better than in January-October 2007).

The passenger load amounted to 73% last month, which was 5% better than in October 2007, the payload revenue came to 68%, which was 2% better than a year earlier. In January-October 2008, the passenger load amounted to 77.5%, which was 1.7% better than in January-October 2007, the payload revenue came to 70.4%, which was .6% better than a year earlier.

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