MegaFon-Ural subscribers get free automatic WAP and MMS settings

14 August 2006 (10:22)

Subscribers of MegaFon-Ural cellular communication network can now receive automatic settings for ‘WAP access through GPRS’ and ‘Multimedia messaging (MMS)’ services via short messages (SMS) free of charge.

The automatic settings system can support the following three request interfaces: SIM, WEB and SMS. Initially, MegaFon-Ural subscribers could receive the automatic settings through SIM and WEB, but not via SMS.

SIM and SMS interfaces identify the type of the subscriber’s mobile phone. Therefore, to obtain WAP and MMS settings, the subscriber can simply select ‘receive all settings’ item of SIM-menu or send ‘M’ to number 5049. In both cases, the subscriber is not requested to specify his or her phone type. WEB access to the automatic settings is arranged through the ‘Data communications, WAP, MMS’ section of the corporate website ( The web page offers a form to complete. After the form is done, the automatic settings will be received by the subscriber’s phone and should be saved there.

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