MegaFon offers new spam-fighting service to subscribers

16 May 2014 (09:20)

May 16, 2014. The telecommunications provider MegaFon is offering its subscribers a chance to benefit from the new SMS Control service which allows every phone user to protect themselves against unwanted texts. The service makes it possible for a user to unsubscribe from spam messages by blacklisting the senders, the company’s press service reports.

This service is 100% free of charge and is extremely easy to manage. One needs to dial *903# to get access to the last ten phone numbers from which text messages were sent. It only takes two clicks to blacklist any of these numbers. The black list can be edited at any moment, so if a particular phone number was listed there by mistake, one can easily undo this. This means MegaFon subscribers can choose for themselves which text messages they would like to receive, and from whom.

‘MegaFon has been fighting spam successfully for a few years now, protecting its customers from unwanted emails. There are cases, however, when customers themselves subscribe to advertizing services that grow really annoying later on. For on, a subscriber might start getting regular texts from a fitness club they no longer go to. Thanks to our new service, the customer will only get the really interesting and relevant information,’ says the company’s Fraud Prevention Director Sergey Khrenov.

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