Russian ore maker starts management training courses for potential employees

27 July 2006 (10:36)

Evrazruda JSC, Russian ore maker and part of Evraz Group, started the new special training courses for the company’s potential employees who are currently on the alternative personnel list. The first course will last for four weeks (from July 24 to August 18, 2006); it will be attended by 16 people from the company’s Abagurskiy subsidiary.

The course is two-fold, its first half being largely theoretical and the second half consisting in a week’s job training in the position that the person might be later invited to accept.

The theoretical part dwells upon the issues of production budget planning, sales and investments policies, personnel management, and labour legislation. The trainees also are to be updated on industrial and labor safety organization and management, business psychology, and entrepreneurial rhetoric in practical implementation that fits the working environment of Evrazruda.

Alongside with the seminars and job training, the trainees will have to write a qualification paper in the form of an abstract with proposals on improving the company’s production and technological processes as well as professional and managerial perfection plans. The papers will have to be presented and defended, with written improvement recommendations given to participants in the end.

The seminars are conducted by the experts of Evrazruda and professors of Kuzbass State Pedagogical Academy of Novokuznetsk. Even though the workshop participants are not performing at their workplaces, they will still receive their monthly pay. The same training courses will have been conducted in all the other subsidiaries of the company before the end of the year, reports the spokesperson for Evrazruda.

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