Russian ore maker tests Surpac Vision

27 July 2006 (10:18)

A professional development workshop has been held in Abagurskiy subsidiary of Evrazruda JSC (ore maker, part of Evraz Group) recently. The workshop was designed and developed for the experts from the geological and surveyor departments as well as for the employees from the technological departments of all the subsidiaries of Evrazruda.

The seminar was devoted to frequently asked questions concerning the use of Surpac Vision software. Executives from Surpac Minex Group of Australia, the producer of the software, demonstrated the possible ways of its implementation in geological surveyance, in identifying the ore deposits, in planning of the drilling-and-blasting operations, and in design and development of ore mining enterprises.

The Surpac Minex Group executives showed both the strengths (such as 3D simulation of ore bodies and mine openings and multiple classification of the company’s economic and production state) and weaknesses (such as the need to customize the program to fit the working environment of Evrazruda) of the software. Evrazruda representatives, in their turn, admitted that using Surpac Vision would significantly increase the precision of their calculations in terms of mining design.

Surpac Vision has by now been installed in all of the company’s subsidiaries and will be under testing for the next three months. After this, the management will make their final decision as to whether they can and should buy the software, reports the company’s spokesperson.

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