MMK Invests over 52m RUR in Employee Training

31 August 2011 (11:31)

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) spent over 52m RUR on employee training programs in the first half of 2011.

6,584 employees underwent various professional development, re-training, and additional vocation programs at MMK in the six months of this year; 3,157 people out of these are workers and 3,427 people are managers, experts, and clerks. Most workers (1,649 people) attended specific courses, 790 people underwent re-training programs, 169 people attended vocational courses, 304 people went to advanced learning programs, and 245 employees obtained a second vocation,’ MMK reports.

In addition, 304 employees were sponsored through the federal budget to undergo advanced learning programs, as well as 193 people who got a second vocation, 8 people who attended vocational courses, 99 people who attended specific courses, and four people who underwent re-training.

Every year, MMK comes up with and implements training programs for these or those categories of employees through analyzing the educational needs and applications of the company’s various departments. MMK’s professional development and re-training system covers all groups of employees. MMK sees training people for the facilities about to be launched and advanced learning programs as its top educational priorities.

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