EVRAZ KGOK: Dumper Trucks’ Productivity Up 8%

20 December 2019 (09:12)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 20, 2019. EVRAZ Kachkanarsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise (EVRAZ KGOK) managed to increase the productivity of its dumper trucks thanks to the mining and conveyor equipment going digital.

According to EVRAZ Holding Ural’s Corporate Communications Center, this is a joint project with Zyfra Group’s member company VIST Group. The digital system integrates the geological parameters and a box model of the ore deposit with the mining and conveyor equipment’s performance mode, which results in new ways of controlling the quality of ore. All the people involved in the extracting process have instant access to the rock mass parameters in every section of the deposit; the data are also included in the job cards for every shift.

‘All of EVRAZ KGOK’s dumper trucks and excavators have smart panels, which enables the excavator operator to see the box model of the ore deposit, that is, where the ore is and where the overburden is. If the operator’s task is to get loaded with the overburden, they see the outline of the overburden area on the screen and will only get loaded with the overburden and not the ore. The data relating to vehicle performance also get displayed on the controllers’ and managers’ screens; the system analyzes these data 24/7 to design the best loading route for the dumper trucks and thus avoid idle times,’ the company says.

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