EVRAZ KGOK Launches Automated Vehicle Monitoring System in Mines

21 June 2019 (10:33)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, June 21, 2019. An automated earthmoving equipment/vehicle monitoring system has been launched at EVRAZ Holding’s Kachkanarsky Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise mines this month, EVRAZ Holding Ural’s Corporate Communications Center’s PR Department reports.

The system controls the dumper trucks', bulldozers’, excavators’, auto-loaders’, and food trucks’ location and performance parameters and feeds the information into the server in real-time mode.

The wireless connection available in four mines is used to send the data on the operating speed, mileage, fuel level, amount of loaded rock mass, and the location of the vehicles and food trucks onto the dispatchers’ and mining experts’ computers. The data also get sent to excavator operators’ and dumper truck drivers’ smart cabin displays.

Additionally, the geologic parameters of the deposit have also been integrated into the system, which allows for better iron ore quality control and makes it possible to regulate the dumper truck-excavator traffic. In case of an unforeseen stoppage, the system will redirect the dumper trucks to a different excavator for loading.

‘Switching to an automated monitoring system has meant we could cut down on the ore loss and obtain better quality ore as well. We also managed to boost our dumper trucks’ performance,’ says EVRAZ Vice President and Head of EVRAZ Holding Ural Denis Novozhenov.

The company started integrating the system in November 2017. Nineteen control towers had to get installed around all mines, and thirty excavators and thirty-five BelAZ trucks got fitted with sensors, GPS antennae, and smart cabin panels to make everything work. The project required RUB 80m in investments all in all.

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