MegaFon Sells ‘2020’ Phone Numbers

18 December 2019 (09:15)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 18, 2019. The telecom company MegaFon is now selling ‘interesting’ phone numbers that have a combination ‘2020’ in them, MegaFon Ural’s press service reports.

‘Our Sverdlovsk Region-based customers are buying ‘nice-looking’ phone numbers (‘platinum’, ‘gold’, ‘silver’, and ‘bronze’ ones) at the speed of two a day. In December, MegaFon added the special ‘2020’ phone numbers to the pool specially for the digit-combination lovers,’ the company says.

‘Sverdlovsk Region is the Ural’s No.2 in terms of how many ‘interesting’ phone numbers get purchased. Yugra is the No.1 We offer our customers several hundred phone numbers that have the combination ‘2020’ in them: this digit combination signifies next year, and could bring you luck. At the moment, you can select a special phone number like this free of charge,’ says Director at MegaFon Retail Ural Alexei Bykov.

The ‘special’ phone numbers that are most popular with Sverdlovsk Region’s customers are ‘bronze’ ones that typically contain one and the same digit three times in a row (e.g. 111): every one in two purchases is for a ‘bronze’ phone number. The share of ‘silver’ phone number sales is 41%, followed by the smaller shares of ‘gold’ and ‘platinum’ sales.

‘At our online shop (, you can also select a phone number that reminds you of a special date, a phone number with a ‘lucky combination’, or a phone number with a nice-looking combination of end digits. You can also find season’s gifts for your family there: smartphones, earphones, smart devices, game pads, hover-boards, action cameras, speakers, and much else besides. If you place your order in the regular office hours, your order normally gets confirmed within ten minutes’ time. Following this, you can collect your order at a pickup station or have it delivered by a courier service to your door or to any part of Russia by Courier Service Express,’ MegaFon’s press service says.

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