MegaFon: Demand for "good-looking" phone numbers goes up

26 October 2015 (13:02)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 26, 2015. MegaFon Ural looked into its subscriber data to find out residents of which cities seem more interested in numerical effects in the mobile communications sphere, the company press service reports.

It follows from the analysis of the telecommunications provider's database that most of its 'good-looking' numbers belong to subscribers based in Tyumen, Yekaterinburg, and Surgut. These cities currently host the greatest number of people with the so-called 'gold', 'silver', and 'platinum' digit combinations that make up a phone number.

MegaFon analysts also say the demand for such 'good-looking' numbers has been going up since the start of the year. Most such numbers were asked for by subscribers based in Kirov Region in September (up 30% on the start of the year). 'Platinum' numbers are enjoying the greatest demand in Perm Territory, while 'gold' and 'silver' ones are popular with people living in Udmurtia.

In response to the growing demand, MegaFon is launching a new special offer: if you switch from your current payment scheme/rate to MegaFon All-inclusive L or MegaFon All-inclusive VIP, you get a 'gold' or 'silver' number automatically. A particular interesting and memorable digit combination can be booked at MegaFon outlets, dealer centers, or the provider's online shop.

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