MegaFon, VimpelCom merge Radar/Locator services

June 30, 2014. MegaFon and VimpelCom (Beeline) announced a recent improvement in their Radar/Locator services. The subscribers of the two telecommunications giants can now identify locations not only of the subscribers within their home network but also those who use the other operator’s services. Just like before, up to five phone numbers can be assigned to the service, provided that each phone number owner consents to being tracked, the company’s press service reports.

Both Radar and Locator are very popular with families with children and elderly relatives, as they help keep track of where one’s relative is located at the moment. Subscribers have often asked for the option of making the service available with other mobile carriers’ phone numbers. Starting from June 26, MegaFon’s Radar and Beeline’s Locator become fully compatible.

‘We are trying to take into account every idea our customers put forth. The one of merging Radar and Locator was proposed by both companies’ customers and, in our opinion, it makes sense. It often happens that even members of one and the same family subscribe to different telecommunications providers, which, of course, should not prevent both companies’ customers from taking care of their relatives and being aware of where they are,’ says MegaFon’s New Services Director Dmitri Yumashev.

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