Raspadskaya Coal Company Buys RUB 300m Worth of Mining Equipment

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 2, 2019. EVRAZ Holding’s Raspadskaya Coal Company purchased five new mining vehicles, spending more than RUB 300m. The company bought two self-propelled Petitto Mule units and three Sandvik fixtures, Raspadskaya’s press service reports.

Petitto Mule’s SP units got successfully tested at Raspadskaya Mine during Coalface 5à-7-32 face transfer. In September, workers at the Equipment Assembly/Dismantling/Repair Department learned how to operate Sandvik LS190s units in the course of a workshop conducted by a Sandvik engineer who works with explosion-proof load-haul-dump machines, the press service says.

The coalface equipment will now get transferred from place to place with the help of a new technology. Large pieces will travel via a surface road rather than via an overhead monorail, which is both safer and faster: it takes twice as little time to get the equipment relocated and reassembled.

An underground motor road got built at Raspadskaya Mine’s Windway 4-6-37 for the purpose. The vehicles will get delivered down into the mine in November and will be used for the transfer from Coalface 4-6-33 to Coalface 4-6-35.

Next year, the appliances will also be used for face transfer of Coalface 3-2-1bis at Raspadskaya-Koksovaya Mine.

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