EVRAZ Buys Self-Propelled Equipment for Raspadskaya Coal Company

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 5, 2018. EVRAZ Holding purchased a set of self-propelled vehicles and pneumatic tractor trucks for the mines of its member enterprise Raspadskaya Coal Company. The goal is to make the mining equipment reinstallation process safer and shorter (the required reinstallation time is expected to drop by eight to ten days on average), the holding’s press service reports.

The self-propelled equipment got tested at Uskovskaya Mine. The appliances got used to reinstall parts of the powered support system from Long-Face 50-06 onto Long-Face 50-20. The miners could thus gauge the new units’ tech potential and check how useful these can be in the mining preparation process. The new units have meant the company no longer needs to rely on cable winches, which are more labor-intensive and less safe to use.

The SP vehicles and pneumatic tractor trucks are expected to get introduced at Raspadskaya Mine next year. An underground road is now being built in the mine’s Return Airway 4-6-37 to provide a path for the trucks to move parts of the powered support systems. The road is expected to be ready by the time Long-Face 4-6-35 gets launched in the summer of 2019. The mining equipment will then get reinstalled with the help of new equipment.

The appliances cost around RUB 300m to buy.

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