EVRAZ Buys New Equipment for Raspadskaya, Uskovskaya Mines

14 August 2019 (09:21)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 14, 2019. Two new Joy shearer-loaders arrived at Raspadskaya Mine this month. Two more units will get launched at Uskovskaya Mine as well. The equipment cost RUB 714 to purchase; according to Raspadskaya Coal Company’s PR Department, the equipment got assembled and tested by the miners and the after-sale service agent’s representatives.

One shearer-loader can process up to 3,000,000 kg of rock mass an hour (the actuating unit’s diameter: 2.5 meters; the worm conveyor’s operating width: 0.8 meters; motion speed at maximum workload: 18 meters per minute). The vehicle will start operating at Raspadskaya Mine’s Coalface 5а-7-34 in the fall. The second shearer-loader will be used in Coalface 4-6-35 that has been scheduled for launch at the end of 2019. The coal will get extracted by the miners from Section 10.

‘The built-in electronic appliances will help control the stoping process and make it fast and safe. Thanks to the remote visualization option, the vehicle can be monitored from the surface. Miners expect to process up to 350 meters worth of a coalface a month with the help of the new stoping unit. The plan is to use the shearer-loaders to work on the new Section 48 of the coalface at Uskovskaya Mine. In fact, a special mining license was obtained to go on with coal mining at Uskovskaya Mine,’ the company says.

Raspadskaya Mine and Uskovskaya Mine both produce coking coal of the valuable GZh variety that the metallurgical industry needs.

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