MegaFon Presents Cyber Threat Protection

26 July 2019 (11:38)

UrBC, Moscow, July 26, 2019. MegaFon comes up with ever more cyber threat protection solutions and has recently launched its Database Protection Service.

According to the telecom company’s press service, MegaFon’s cyber-security solutions are aimed at a variety of customers, smartphone owners as well as large companies with extensive digital communication networks.

The new database protection solution is based on Garda BD. The software prevents security leakage and ensures data protection by automatically blocking any attempt to access the database spreadsheets without proper authorization. The system stops the users trying to violate the security policy as well as audits all the protected database-related transactions online, controls the root users actions, and prevents any attempts to hack the database management system. The software can process information at the speed of 10 Gb per second and store more than 40 TB of data.

MegaFon offers its customers a multi-faceted approach to cybersecurity, with tech solutions that protect a company’s infrastructure and online resources and those that prevent unauthorized access to your smartphone. The solutions are quite popular: for one, the number of users who signed up for MegaFon’s DDoS attack protection service soared by 65% in 2018, says MegaFon’s Cybersecurity Service Director Artyom Losev.

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