MegaFon Launches Video Analytics

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, May 31, 2019. MegaFon recently launched Video.Analytics, a new service that helps you detect, identify, and track certain scenarios and objects, the telecom company’s press service reports.

‘The service unites object video analysis and object recognition within one interface and provides a convenient reporting system; you can also use it to search for a particular item within a large archive of video data. Users can opt for various settings as to where and for how long to store the data, what video analytics modules should get used, and what extra options to get,’ the press service says.

In terms of security issues, Video.Analytics can record trespassing incidents, register dangerous situations, and identify objects through face and license plate recognition technologies. Similar solutions are already in use abroad, at airports and railway stations, for example.

A range of business solutions within the service can do sales forecasts, control length of waiting lines, analyze a cash desk operator’s/teller’s performance, and look into ads’ efficiency.

‘MegaFon actively relies on the 5G-based Internet of Things, object recognition, cloud storage and processing options, Big Data, and much else besides. Video.Analytics presents all the advantages of modern hi tech solutions in very different fields of human activity from retail sales to security on industrial sites,’ says MegaFon’s IoT & Digital Solutions Director Pavel Ivanchenko.

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