Yekaterinburg Arena Gets Air Conditioning

27 April 2017 (17:11)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 27, 2017. Sinara Group’s Sinara Development, the general contractor for the reconstruction of Yekaterinburg stadium in time for the World Cup 2018, is now working on introducing air conditioning on the site.

According to the Group’s press service, five large cooling appliances are being installed at a specially equipped location to provide air conditioning in all the rooms under the spectator stands. The cooling units are quite unique in their size and capacity (up to 2,630 kilowatts). This is how much a stadium needs to make sure all the air ducts (23,000 meters all in all) can function properly. The air conditioning system also covers a number of fans in the rooms and additional equipment in some of the self-supporting air conditioning spots.

Sinara Development’s Director Timur Ufimtsev says the entire system is expected to be ready for takeoff in the fall.

‘We have started on everything to do with the engineering infrastructure setup by now and keep working on water and heating power supply systems as well as on the sewage and internal engineering units,’ he said.

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