Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Nizhniy Tagil completes water-conditioning building

22 January 2007 (08:09)

The builders that put up the water-conditioning building at Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Nizhniy Tagil (part of Evraz Group) are ready to deal with the equipment installation now. The building meant for conditioning water for the company’s heat and power plant is almost finished; the workers have nearly completed assembling the engineering facilities and bases for the power supply units. The first recycling units are expected to arrive at the end of January. A special equipment delivery schedule provides for delivery of all the appliances before the middle of the year.

The water-conditioning building is meant for demineralization and softening of water going to the heat and power plant. It thus extends the life of boilers as well as the rest of the heating equipment. The old facility was unable to meet the company’s needs as it used obsolete and both financially and environmentally unfriendly technologies. The new recycling plant will be fitted with the modern ion-exchange filters, a computer-aided control system and devices that keep track of all the water used. Besides, these new filters will make it possible to give up many environmentally hazardous reagents used for conditioning water, which means the company will emit fewer pollutants. Therefore, the new water-conditioning system will decrease the negative impact the enterprise has on the environment.

The building was started in the spring of 2006, with EnergoCascade of Moscow acting as the general contractor of the project. This company has already put up a few such facilities in Magnitogorsk and Nizhniy Novgorod, says the spokesperson for Metallurgical Industrial Complex of Nizhniy Tagil.

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