EVRAZ NTMK Uses New Weighing Equipment

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 29, 2016. A new system for metal spending control has been introduced at EVRAZ NTMK converter shop. The goal is to make the steel-smelting process more economically efficient, the company press service reports.

‘To make sure we can control the amount of metal used, electronic weighing equipment remains active throughout the entire production process. The first round of weighing occurs at the mixer stage, where a load of metal is placed onto a scaling platform. The amount of product is then checked again at the converter department and then again in the pouring cranes. The operator lifts the crane onto a certain height and the equipment units located at the lifting mechanisms of the crane display the weight figures. All these data get stored in EVRAZ NTMK e-documents to provide information on the steel quality and metal loss,’ the press service says.

The company intends to expand its spending control system and introduce weighing equipment at other departments as well.

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