EVRAZ NTMK Expands Product Range

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 22, 2016. EVRAZ NTMK now produces a new variety of rolled metal products, namely, core components of P65 insulated rail joints. The first batch has already been delivered to the plant’s first customer, the company press service reports.

‘This is a popular product for railway builders and operators, essential for automatic block systems and electric interlocking,’ the press service says.

The components are made from 30XGSA steel which has the necessary strength, hardness, and resilience parameters. A set of new rollers was purchased specially for this new product type, and all the equipment was recalibrated and re-customized for the purpose.

EVRAZ NTMK keeps working on new rolled metal products all the time, introducing new kinds of railway wheels, I-beams, crane rails, and SP850 units in 2015 alone. The plant is also about to launch a new kind of insulated rail joint for ApATeK P65MK BO rails.

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