Sverdlovsk Region stops funding Bogoslovsky Techno Park

May 22, 2015. The construction jobs at Bogoslovsky Technological Park came to a halt because no funds are coming in from Sverdlovsk Region’s budget, Kommersant refers to head of the park’s management company Yuri Myakishev as saying.

‘No commissioning date can be set as of yet,’ he explained. He admitted this was the reason why some of the park’s potential residents, for example, MRSK Urala and TechMash Group, refused to consider settling there.

MRSK Urala confirmed the fact that the company had been considering Bogoslovsky as a possible site for a cable-manufacturing facility (which would require 500m RUR worth of investments), but decided as early as in the summer of 2014 to locate the plant in Titanium Valley, a special economic zone.

In the meantime, since the opening date for the park keeps shifting, residents find themselves forced to reconsider their investment projects, President of Energy Group Sergey Guskov said. Guskov is planning to house a number of production facilities in Bogoslovsky.

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