Denis Pasler Calls for Speedier Decision-Making on Titanium Valley

December 25, 2012. Sverdlovsk Region Government Prime Minister Denis Pasler asked the officials in charge to speed up their decision-making on the infrastructure issues relating to the Titanium Valley, a special economic zone, Sverdlovsk Region Government’s Press Service & Information Administration reports.

The Prime Minister said that MRSK Urala was not going to put up the primary source of electric power for the valley’s residents – the Titanium Valley 220-kilowatt substation – in 2013. Nevertheless, the energy enterprise is willing to put the construction project on its investment budget as soon as the Titanium Valley Management Company applies for the technological hookup.

‘I am asking you to make applying for the technological hookup in February 2013 one of the points of your Titanium Valley plan, so that as soon as 2014, MRSK Urala could include the design of the substation in its investment program, and so that the facility could be built in 2014-2015,’ Pasler said.

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