11 promising sites get on industrial parks register

5 February 2015 (13:15)

February 5, 2015. Eleven promising industrial sites were placed on the industrial parks register, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region’s Information Policy Department reports.

The register now comprises four Sverdlovsk Region-based banks: Tagil Chemical Park, Sinara Park, Berezovsky Park, and Pro Business Park. The parks’ management teams are working hard to attract new residents. Tagil Chemical Park and Pro Business Park are members of the Industrial Parks Association.

Cooperation agreements were signed by the Mid-Urals Development Corporation and the management companies of Tagil Chemical Park, Berezovsky, and Pro Business Park to facilitate the parks’ development.

In addition, Bogoslovsky, an industrial park in Krasnoturyinsk, will be set up as a new PPP.

Project and design documentation has already been elaborated for all of the infrastructure components; the documentation has been approved by the government expert board and has undergone cost examination. Bogoslovsky’s management company is finishing up the project on the layout and the area demarcation. Agreements have been signed with eight residents which are interested in engaging in industrial activity there.

Furthermore, four PPP industrial parks are being developed in Sverdlovsk Region as well: Novouralsky, Novosverdlovsky, Muranitny, and Isetsky.

Finally, Sverdlovsk Region keeps working on its Titanium Valley Special Economic Zone.

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