Bogoslovsky Tech Park to Host Business Incubator

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, May 30, 2017. An industrial business incubator will soon be put up in Bogoslovsky Tech Park, Sverdlovsk Region. The project design documentation has already been approved of by a state board of experts, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region’s Information Policy Department reports.

Governor Evgeniy Kuivashev says Bogoslovsky is one of the area’s important growth points.

‘Our top priority is to provide the park’s residents with all the conditions they need for their business. This is a key project for this constituency,’ he says.

The first 1,500-m2 section of the incubator will consist of both administrative-purpose and production sites as well as offices and warehouses. The entire building will get divided in four separate-entry sections and an industrial gate. The goal is to promote small businesses’ activity on the park promises.

The business incubator is targeted at small and medium enterprises that are now part of the production processes run by large-scale residents of Krasnoturyinsk Advanced Development Zone, for example, the ones that work on their orders. The park is also meant for SMEs that would like to become the zone’s residents but do not need their own plants. The business incubator production facilities will be fitted with special equipment such as the 3,200-kg-strong crane beams. The SME owners will be able to rent some space in an up-to-date facility, get prepaid access to all the engineering infrastructure, and enjoy the tax reliefs and subsidies an advanced development zone gets.

According to the Mid-Urals Development Corporation, the incubator is expected to get commissioned in September 2017.

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