ChTPZ Group presents innovative products at OILTECH Atyrau

April 16, 2015. ChTPZ Engineering (a member enterprise of ChTPZ Group) presented its innovative pipe products at the 9th O&G OILTECH Conference in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, on April 14-15.

The Group made a presentation on its casing and compression pipes with Premium threaded joints, heavy-duty OCTGs meant for transportation of fluids with corrosive ingredients, corrosion-resistant casing and compression pipes meant for environments with increased sulfur and carbon dioxide content, and cold-resistant casing and compression pipes suitable for extremely low temperatures (-60 degrees centigrade).

‘ChTPZ Group has a unique system for the development of products and technologies based on customers’ requests and its own analysis of the oil and gas industry’s needs. The company keeps on expanding the range of promising products it offers to customers. For one, ChTPZ-designed zinc-coated couplings have been proven to increase the compression pipes’ capacity from the standard five lifting operations to at least twenty,’ says ChTPZ Engineering’s Director-General Vladimir Kolesnikov.

Besides, ChTPZ Group presented its unique system for selecting pipe material that can suit specific operation conditions at the session dedicated to high-viscosity oil deposits. The system is based on the analysis of well fluid along six parameters, including gas pressure, temperature, presence of chlorine ions, and others. The results of the analysis make it possible to determine exactly what kind of steel is best for these or those operation conditions.

OILTECH Atyrau is an annual oil and gas forum that allows for exchange of experience for about 200 professionals from all over the world. The conference agenda covers the most relevant topics and trends in the oil and gas industry development. Reports are made by representatives of major O&G companies, scientific research organizations, and government bodies.

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