ChTPZ Group designs advanced drilling equipment

April 27, 2015. Rimera’s R&D Center and ChTPZ Engineering (both parts of ChTPZ Group) presented their new, advanced drilling equipment at the 12th International Machine Mining 2015 Conference/Exhibtion, the Group’s press service reports.

Among the developments presented was a highly reliable, dirt-proof, piston-type protector with a dynamic labyrinth seal, a protector with a retainer ring which ensures the inside of the protector remains airtight, 0615 Series compressor pumps which are suitable for substances with increased mechanical admixtures content (up to 1 gram per liter), and compression pipes with Premium threaded joints.

ChTPZ Group also presented its unique method for choosing a specific material for the pipes depending on operating conditions. An analysis of the developed substances and its corrosion activity makes it possible for the pipe manufacturers to say exactly what grade and type of steel will be best for these or those operating conditions.

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