ChTPZ Group makes pipes with premium threaded joints

28 January 2016 (09:19)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, January 28, 2016. Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (a member enterprise of ChTPZ Group) designed and manufactured its first 50,000 kg of casings with special-purpose premium threaded joints ChT-HT. The new 168.3x8.9 mm pipes (Strength grade E) were made at the plant’s OCTG Finishing Center.

The company press service says the new joints are especially suited for installing a casing in a horizontal or otherwise unusual well through a series of revolving/pivoting motions.

The special licensed software ANSYS was used to design the joints and do the necessary strength calculations. The modeled results were then tested in real life with pilot samples which underwent trial runs. It was determined that the ChT-HT Premium threaded joints are 70% to 100% more durable than those from the ChT-VC1 generation of threaded joints.

ChTPZ Group currently supplies its customers with OCTGs with first-generation Premium threaded joints, including pumping and compression pipes with ChT-VT and ChT-VTm1 joints and casings with ChT-VC joints. These threaded joints remain gas-tight even under stretching, compression, and internal and external pressure in vertical wells with drift angle ratio of under 3.3°/10m and compression at under 60% of the entire body of the casing.

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