PNTZ supplies pipes for Gazprom’s Polar North projects

2 April 2015 (17:39)

April 2, 2015. Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (PNTZ, a member enterprise of ChTPZ Group) delivered 104,700 kg of 139.7x10.54mm casing pipes with gas-proof, first-generation ChT-VC Premium threaded joints to Gazprom Dobycha Nadym.

According to ChTPZ Group’s press service, based on the customer specifications the cold-resistant pipes were provided in two strength grades, E (90,000 kg) and P110 (14,700 kg). The first shipment of the pilot batch was sent to Gazprom’s natural gas deposits in 2014. After the trial runs were successfully completed, Gazprom placed an order for more; the pipes were made at PNTZ Finishing Center under the supervision of an independent inspecting body in March 2015.

The cold-resistant casing pipes with ChT-VC threaded joints are meant for fortifying a well in order to prevent inflow of fluids and collapsing; the pipes will still work even when the outside temperature is down to 60 degrees centigrade.

ChT-VC Premium threaded joints were designed and patented by ChTPZ Group in 2009; the design was improved in 2012.

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