Superjob: 10% of Russians arrange longer November breaks

30 October 2014 (16:25)

October 30, 2014. Every one in ten working Russians is going to take additional days off during the November break, Superjob’s research center reports.

This year, both the official public holiday November 4 and the previous day (a shift from the public holiday on February 24) are going to be days off for the employed. A survey involving 1,600 working Russian citizens indicates that 10% of respondents are planning to take days off or a short-term vacation on November 5-7 in order to get a longer fall break. 61% of respondents have no such plans, 9% of those surveyed work shifts and just can’t stay away from work for so long. Every one if five of those surveyed hasn’t made up their mind yet.

The higher a respondent’s income is, the more frequently they tend to prolong their November breaks: only 5% of those making less than 25,000 RUR a month are taking extra days off, whereas in the over-45,000 RUR-a-month category, the figure is 11%.

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