Only 14% of Russians To Travel During May Break

9 April 2019 (09:11)

UrBC, Moscow, April 9, 2019. Most Russians are going to stay home or go to their dachas during the upcoming May break; only 14% of the people who took part in the recent survey intend to travel, the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center reports.

Two-thirds (63%) of those surveyed are planning on staying at home; the percentage comes to as much as 72% for those living in the country’s rural areas, whereas in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and other big cities (1,000,000+ people), the percentage comes to 47% and 52%, respectively. Another third (35%) of respondents will go to their dachas (the percentage comes to 44% for people living in big cities). 6% of those surveyed will travel within Russia, and 4% will travel outside the post-Soviet territory.

The majority (59%) of respondents do not have any special plans for the May break that they are dreaming of but cannot go through with for some reason. Still, some respondents said they would like to go abroad (5%) or to the seaside/the Crimea/somewhere in inland parts of Russia (4%). 70% of respondents in this latter category said money was their main holiday-making-preventing concern. Every one in ten people cannot go on a break because of work, and another 8% of those surveyed cited health issues.

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