SKB-Bank: Most Russians rate their quality of life as average

30 April 2013 (09:49)

April 30, 2013. ‘How much money does one need to feel they can afford anything they want?’ – that was the question that the Public Opinion Fund analysts asked Russian citizens. In fact, they found out what Russians thought of their financial status first. It turned out that the overwhelming majority of respondents rated their family’s quality of life as average, including those respondents whose monthly income comes to more than 30,000 RUR and those who make less than 10,000 RUR a month, SKB-Bank’s press service reports.

In their answer to the question, ‘What monthly income do you feel would be enough for you to afford anything you wanted?’ Russians proved quite unanimous: most of those surveyed said that a sum of 25,000 RUR to 30,000 RUR a month would suffice. The respondents who said they’d like to make more than 50,000 RUR a month were mostly those who are currently making over 30,000 RUR. Also, 22% of respondents said they couldn’t afford to buy a car and another 22% said they couldn’t afford to buy a flat. 9% of those surveyed couldn’t afford to have their apartment remodeled, and 8% lacked money to have a vacation.

The results of the survey prove the age-old maxim: however much money you have, it is never enough. Yet even if your actual income makes it impossible for all your dreams to come true, these dreams can still become a reality through bank loans. SKB-Bank, for example, offers its customers loans in cash for any purpose, as well as easily issued credit card Zapaska with an up to 51-days grace period.

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