Russians Expect USD To Cost RUR 71.56

UrBC, Moscow, August 17, 2018. Russians Believe the U.S. currency is going to keep strengthening against the Russian ruble in the short term, so that the USD/RUR exchange rate will exceed 1/71.56 by September 1, 2018, Superjob’s latest research findings indicate.

33% of Russians surveyed said they believed the ruble was still the best currency for their savings; 21% of respondents went for the dollar and 15% chose the euro as their preferred currency. 11% of those surveyed believe in making their savings in other currencies such as the renminbi, the pounds sterling, and the yen, or in investing in multi-currency deposits.

The ruble is currently at its four-year low as the preferred savings currency. It was only in January 2014 that a smaller number of Russians surveyed (31%) had any trust in the Russian ruble. As confidence in the ruble as a savings currency has been waning, the U.S. dollar reached the strongest rating in the last four years (21%).

Superjob’s survey involved 1,600 representatives of the working-age population from all of the country’s federal constituencies.

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