Russians go for used and not new cars, survey says

27 March 2015 (18:43)

March 27, 2015. Increasingly more Russians are opting for a used car rather than a new one: their number went up from 29% to 40%, Interfax refers to Russian Public Opinion Research Centre’s survey findings as stating.

About 14% of respondents would like to purchase a new Russian automobile, while 13% of those surveyed are considering buying a used Russian car.

78% of respondents are not planning on getting a car, while 20% are thinking about this. 1% of those who intend to buy a car hope to do so within the next six months, 4% will probably make the purchase within a year, and 12% will do so in a couple of years.

The average price of an automobile declined by 29%: from $13,097 in 2014 to $9,254 in 2015.

Additionally, Russians are now relying on bank loans much less than last year: only 35% are planning to buy a car on credit against 58% who did so in 2014. Potential customers are increasingly counting on their own funds, and only 12% will borrow from their friends.

According to survey findings, the number of car owners is still on the rise: 48% of Russians have one. 58% of car owners surveyed have gone to college, and 61% of them estimate their income as high. 24% of car owners who took part in the survey have elementary education, and 39% of the surveyed say they live on a low income.

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