Sverdlovsk Region: Locals Only Agree to Four-Day Week If Pay Stays Same

7 November 2019 (09:19)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 7, 2019. According to HeadHunter’s recent survey, 44% of Sverdlovsk Region’s residents who submitted their responses do not believe a four-day working week will become a reality within the next three to five years. 34% of those surveyed, however, are positive this is a likely scenario.

’60% of respondents are only prepared to switch to a four-day week if their pay stays the same. 20% would agree to it in any case, and 10% are strongly against it. The idea proved most popular with respondents working in the IT sector and marketing (23% and 22% of respondents, respectively, said they were in favor of the proposal),’ HeadHunter says.

Business owners and top managers are the ones most opposed to the idea: 30% and 12% of respondents, respectively, said they were not prepared for the change. However, the share of those who would be willing to switch on any terms is also highest among business owners (20%) and top managers (22%).

40% of those surveyed agreed to a four-day week one way or another and are willing to intensify their work process for this. Another 30% said they would agree to a longer working day. 18% of respondents said they would be okay with skipping their lunch breaks. 29% of those surveyed are not prepared to change anything for the new system.

‘The majority of those surveyed in Sverdlovsk Region (73%) say Friday would be their most preferred extra day off. 16% of respondents suggested Monday and 11% suggested Wednesday as the better alternative. Typically, the higher someone is in the work hierarchy, the more likely they are to vote for making Monday the extra day off,’ says Head of PR at HeadHunter Ural Anna Osipova.

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