Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s exhibition facility gets new exhibits

August 20, 2014. Eight railway carriages designed by the team of Ural Railway Carriage Design Office (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation) are soon going to be exhibited in the corporation’s railway produce exhibition.

‘These are experimental products that were developed in the late nineties and the beginning of the new millennium. These carriages were not actually used at railways, yet the technical solutions and innovations that were used in them were also implemented in later series-produced models and are still in use,’ the corporation’s press service reports.

Among the exhibits are the 15-157 tank carriage meant for transportation of vitriol (made in 1995), new generation tanks meant for transportation of clean oil (the 15-150-4 one with expanded tank shell made in 2003 and the 15-571 one made in 2007), the 15-571 tank carriage for transportation of oleum made in 2007, and the 15-588 eight-wheel bogie tank wagon for transportation of liquefied petroleum gases made in 2007.

There is also the 33-180 dumping car for transportation of loose or lump rock ore mining and earth materials on railways located within industrial enterprises’ premises and quarries. The model in question was one of the first manufactured on the assembly line.

The collection also comprises two more exhibits: 13-582, a long-span open platform car made in 2006 which is meant for transportation of oversize cargo within an enterprise’s premises and 13-192, a platform car for ultra-large containers made in 2006.

‘These products are kept on the premises of the corporation’s head plant in Nizhniy Tagil for the time being. They have already been repaired and painted. These are experimental carriages, just like the ones already displayed at the open-air exhibition site of Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s rolling stock. The samples are to become part of Tankprom museum that will be set up in Nizhniy Tagil,’ the press service says.

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