Uralvagonzavod: New Generation Carriages to Relieve Infrastructure Load

12 December 2012 (09:44)

December 12, 2012. The introduction of new generation railway carriages with improved technical and operation characteristics will help relieve the railway infrastructure workload; this announcement was made at the international conference on the transportation services market in Moscow, Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation’s press service reports.

The representatives of Russian Railways as well as those of freight forwarders and leasing companies presented their expert opinion on the carriages. Uralvagonzavod’s Deputy DG for Railway Vehicles Andrei Shlensky spoke on behalf of the railway vehicle manufacturers.

He stressed in the course of the two parties’ dialogue that the year 2012 was the most successful one in the history of the carriage-building industry in Russia and the CIS. About 120,000 carriages will have been produced by the end of the year, and nearly every one in four freight carriages made within the Area 1520 is actually made at Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation.

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